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Play golf in all weathers in Val d’Isère! The Aqua Leisure complex lounge area offers the ideal opportunity to work on your swing whatever the weather with the ultra realistic indoor golf simulator.
This innovative, high-tech equipment, which offers the cutting edge in technology, provides a selection of virtual golf courses with larger than life details and 3D effects.

Aimed at both amateurs and professionals, this jewel of modern technology calculates real time data such as ball and club speed, distance, hitting angle, back and side spin etc.

Created for fun or for training purposes in view of the Winter Golf event, it may be used in practice or game mode as the swing analysis system offers all the information required to progress, swing after swing

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Friday January 24th                      
Saturday January 25th                      
Sunday January 26th                      
Monday January 27th                      
Tuesday January 28th                      
Wednesday January 29th                      
Thursday January 30th                      
Friday January 31st                      
Saturday February 1st                      
Sunday February 2nd                      
Monday February 3rd                      
Tuesday February 4th                      
Wednesday February 5th                      
Thursday February 6th